Ivan Fedele

Composition Masterclass

23-26 November 2022

The Composition Masterclass aims to offer students the preparation and the necessary tools for the creation of a work for chamber music in which the musical thought is closely related to its practical implementation. Maestro Fedele, after selecting the active candidates, will assign a composition of a maximum 6 minutes to each of them. The score will be for a specific instrumental group chosen from string quintet, wind quintet and piano, in various combinations. The scores and the separate parts of the assigned compositions should be consigned on 16 October by 23:59. The program of the course is divided into 6 meetings. 2 online appointments during which the finer details of the commissioned works will be defined and their processing will monitor together with Maestro Fedele; 4 days of face to face lessons (morning and afternoon): during the first and the second of these lessons will be bring all students together, while the third and fourth will take place with the collaboration of the ensemble, enabling the rehearsals of the notated scores. Maestro Fedele will be present during the four days of the Masterclass. The last day will be a final concert in the presence of the public. A video record of the concert will be made, with professional audio and editing using two cameras. The video material will be given to each participant at the end of the Masterclass.

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