Susanna Bertuccioli

Harp & Orchestra Masterclass

14 - 17 July 2022

The aim of Harp & Orchestra Masterclass is to offer students the essential preparation to come to grips with its instrumental repertoire, with particular attention to the performance of works that involve soloist and string orchestra. The program of the course takes place over 4 days, during which each student will be able to take the overall benefit of about 4 hours instruction. The first day will be spent one-on-one with the teacher alone, the second day with the support of piano accompaniment and successive days will be divided into two parts: in the morning there will be further individual lessons, while in the afternoon each student will be able to rehearse with the Orchestra Sinfonica d’Este. Everyone will have the opportunity to spend time with the orchestra. Furthermore, the best students will have the possibility to perform with the ensemble in the final concert, before a public audience. During the lessons, the staff will be able to provide the instrument to each student, but leaves the possibility open to use their own harp. In addition to the recordings of the rehearsals, the concerts will be videoed with professional sound and editing taken from two cameras. The videos will be given to all participants after the conclusion of the Masterclass.

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