Antonio Rugolo

Guitar & String Quintet Masterclass

9 - 12 June 2022

This Master Course plans to offer the students the essential preparation allowing a deepening of the knowledge of the repertoire for this instrument, with particular attention to traditional compositional forms (such as the Concerto and the Quintet) where the guitarist interacts with the string ensemble. Technical and expressive solutions will in fact be offered matching the style and the composers under examination. This is particularly pertinent in the delicate quest for the essential timbral and vocal balance in the definitive chamber music performance. The program of the course will take place over 4 days, during the which each student will benefit overall from about 4 hours of lessons. The first two encounters will be one-on-one with Maestro Rugolo, while the successive sessions will involve participation of the String Quintet of the Orchestra Sinfonica d’Este. The best students will furthermore have the opportunity to perform in the final concert, accompanied by the quintet, before a public audience. A video record of the concert will be made, with professional audio and editing using two cameras. The video material will be given to each participant at the end of the Masterclass.

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