Luciano Acocella

Orchestral conducting Masterclass

13-18 september 2022

The Orchestral Conducting Masterclass wishes to offer students the opportunity to develop and deepen their personal conducting technique and provide the key elements to work in the best way with the orchestra and lead the rehearsal process. During the course, in fact, you will delve into the detailed study of excerpts from different eras and styles, so as to allow the individual student to broaden and diversify their knowledge of the symphonic repertoire, using appropriate technical and expressive tools.

The Masterclass is divided into 6 days of lessons, of which 2 will be with the aid of the piano and 4 with the Orchestra Sinfonica d'Este. Each student is guaranteed approximately 25 minutes of podium time daily, for a total of 150 minutes. All tests with the orchestra (on days 15, 16 and 17) will be recorded so as to allow students to discuss their performance with Maestro at the end of the day, supported by the video recordings. The best students, in the incontestable opinion of the teacher, will be selected to conduct the final concert, in the presence of the public. Concert dress is therefore required. The same group of students may be recommended by the Maestro to take part in future projects of the Orchestra Sinfonica d’Este. 

VIDEO: a video of the Masterclass concert will be made using professional audio and a three-camera installation. Videos will be consigned to all participants after the end of the course. 

PRIZE: at the end of the concert, the orchestra professors will choose the student who will be awarded the Sinfonica d’Este Award, worth € 250.00.

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